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Kos Yeshuos
כוס ישועות


What a sweet and joyous new melody to sing at this very special moment each week to uplift us as we lift up the ״כוס ישועות״!
Pharaoh in

Shlepping Nachas

By always remembering you're Hashem's child, you never lose touch with your childhood joy. “Pharaoh in Pajama” is all about happy riffing on that nursery rhyme about Yetzias Mitzrayim. It’s the ultimate throwback, with a captivating rendition by the inimitable Shlepping Nachas gang. Sing along, stomp your feet, harken back to childhood, and just plain enjoy. Remembering that you’re Hashem’s child is the ultimate daily miracle. And that will lead us to the geula shleima, in the dark of the galus night.
Judith Gerzi

For Women & Girls

I am truly honored to be part of this project and having been invited to sing this deeply moving song composed by the truly talented Blumstein Brothers. Thank you for giving me room to add my own interpretation. As I recorded this song, I felt feelings of connection, longing and yearning. I hope that as you listen, you too are able to connect in your own way. This song speaks of a yearning for Moshiach and the ultimate redemption which we so badly need right now. May hashem hear our tefilot and answer them speedily. - Judith
Chusid Breslov
חסיד ברסלב

DJ Farbreng | Feat. Moshe Storch

The words of this song are quoted from the Breslover Tzaddik R’ Avraham Ben R’ Nachman who said “A Breslov Chasid needs to dance at least a half hour every day!” For most of us, if someone would instruct us to stand up, lift our hands above our head, and start dancing, it would make us very uncomfortable. We’d much prefer having them crossed across our chest, or hanging at our sides, in their default position. But dancing is such a powerful tool as it builds confidence, relieves stress, and helps us feel unlimited! When attaining simcha you need to be free without physical restrictions! To break free from a world of limitations, constant restrictions, and a lot of insecurities, which are all things which affect both our bodies and our minds, we have to loosen up and avail ourselves of this incredibly powerful tool while allowing our external actions to profoundly affect our internal psyche. Rebbe Nachman talks about Mili D’Shtusa… the benefit of engaging in seemingly foolish activities. He encourages us to perform foolish acts such as jumping, laughing, and dancing for no apparent reason. But he knew the ultimate truth; that these movements really help! Let’s all get out of our small-mindedness and into this light-as-a-feather feeling of true joy and simcha!
Ari Lesser

It's been more than three years since the original Thank You Hashem song took the world by storm, enrapturing the Jewish world and setting the stage for the creation of a movement that has swept across Am Yisroel, enhancing countless lives and providing a positive, joyous spin on Jewish life. Every classic merits a sequel, so join the energetic and rhythmic Ari Lesser for a powerful and poetic journey through life with a focus on the myriad blessings we merit in our life for which we profoundly proclaim “Thank You Hashem”.
Every Yid's a Big Tzadik

Mendy Worch

Are you a big tzadik? It’s been 6 months since De Rebbes Niggun has been released and everyone is singing the answer - Kulam Tzadikim! Now it’s time for the DJ Farbreng Remix. Press play and get ready to dance, from your keppelle to your feeselle!
Holding On
Shaindy Plotzker
For Women & Girls Only

HOLDING ON We all have a bag - a weight that we carry, and what’s within each bag is often times only known to us and hidden from the world. Let’s face it. Every one of us goes through challenges. We’re all fighting battles, whether it’s a challenge that people know about or a struggle that we keep to ourselves. Some are big challenges. Some are smaller. But they are all valid. And sometimes…it may feel like it’s enough to knock us to our knees. Sometimes it feels like it’s just too much to hold. But that baggage isn’t ours to carry alone. When it seems like our load is too heavy when the pain is so complete, we know that we can call on Hashem to carry our struggles; to lift the weight from our shoulders. And ultimately... It is our belief and trust in Hashem that sets us free….

Adam Eitz Hasadeh, The rebirth of trees is really a mashal for the rebirth of each individual person. Like a tree while still fully immersed in the cold season, we can sense the sliver of light, the beckoning call of our Pintele Yid assuring us of a brighter future. Rebbe Nachman teaches of a 100 year old tree, and comments that although this tree has been through its share of winters, each year it comes roaring back, as the leaves begin to grow on its worn branches. The day of Tu B’shvat reminds us that this quality is found inside of every member of our holy nation.
Shaar L’Hashem
Shlomo Reich

Acheinu b’nai Yisrael! In October 2021, seven holy brothers of The Shaar - a unique kiruv yeshiva experience in the Five Towns - had their Pidyon HaBen at an epic once-in-a-lifetime event. Come relive that precious experience with us and step through the Shaar - the holy gates - to celebrate with us and to thank Hashem together!
Shuvu Banim
שובו בנים

Moshe Auslander

Chazal tell us that every day a heavenly voice, a Bas Kol, calls out to every Jewish soul, proclaiming, "Shuvu Banim Shovevim, My wayward children return to me." Sometimes we hear that voice stirring our soul to connect to G-d, sometimes we act on it, and sometimes the background noise and rush of everyday habits drown it out. READ MORE

Avraham Fried

Dear Friends, I am excited. Really excited. After the big hit Abba, you now get Mameh. A beautiful heart stirring song about Mamah Rochel. Composed by the fabulous Blumstein -Thank You Hashem- brothers. I’m honored that they invited me to be the guest artist. While recording it, I connected strongly with the tune and lyrics to the point that I truly felt I was speaking with Mameh Rochel. I hope you connect with this song like I did. Bring Us Home Mameh. Avraham Fried לע"נ רבקה בת טוביה ע"ה Babi Rand
Hakol Letovah

Bracha Jaffe

Hakol Letova- “Everything is for the good” is a simple phrase that can change your life. Realizing that Hashem is orchestrating your moments, down to the smallest detail, can allow you to tap into a deep sense of calm and develop a positive attitude towards the challenges which inevitably appear in your life. Whether appointments are canceled or we are stuck in traffic, whether the kids act up or our delivery is delayed, you will no longer be disappointed or frustrated. Know that this is from HASHEM and His desire is for only good for YOU. Being a part of Bnei Yisroel means living by the words of Yakov Avinu when he said Yesh Li Kol. Live with the realization that all that you need, you already have, and all that you have is all that you need. Originally released for Chanukah 2021, this song eternalizes the feeling of the Jews as they fought their way back into the Beis Hamikdash hoping to re-dedicate their temple. They found only one small jug of oil, which should have been extremely discouraging. But they understood this message clearly. Regardless of how much it appears to not be , and no matter how challenging the situation, whatever HASHEM gives me is blessing. Internalize this deeply, and then proclaim “I know that this moment is from HASHEM, and I know that therefore, this is for the good” Thank You HASHEM
Baalei Teshuvah
בעלי תשובה

R' Yaakov Klein

Chazal tells us that our judgment is signed on Rosh HaShana and sealed on Yom Kippur. The Zohar HaKadosh teaches that we can still do teshuvah until Hoshana Rabbah. But the Baal Shem Tov revealed that even if we slept through Elul and the Tishrei chagim, it’s still not over. The final, final verdict is decided on the final night of Chanukah. Standing in front of the Chanukah candles, we catch our reflection in the black ice of our spiritual numbness and find a flickering flame dancing at the very essence of our being. Suddenly, the darkness melts away before the warmth and illumination; we are the Kohen Gadol, lighting the Menorah in the Beis HaMikdash, as pure as the hidden jar of oil, sealed with Hashem’s love. And in this moment, a still, silent echo reverberates within the depths of our souls, filling the world with yearning, “We want to be Baalei Teshuvah! Tatteh, bring us closer, closer to you!” May we merit to be sealed in the book of true-life – a life of faith, a life of depth, a life of holiness and connection! Ah freilachin Chanukah!

The Early Shabbosd Band

Happiness. We all pursue it. But how do we experience it? Hashem answers us: אם אתה משמח את שלי, אני משמח את שלך - “If you make Mine happy, I will make you happy!” Simply applied - Hashem is revealing: there is a unique joy reserved for those that gladden others. Additionally, and perhaps more deeply - Hashem guarantees; when one engages in that which is Godly with happiness - that very spiritual joy will surely permeate one’s entire existence. The Early Shabbos Band is a group of close friends who amidst the hecticity of everyday life, somehow find the time to passionately practice this inyan and spread the light of this message. Their newest song “Mesameach!”invites you to join their עבודה of living in the world of Hashem, where in His Presence, happiness is the only option. And to rejoice in the awareness of Hashem’s promise: “אני משמח את שלך” That’s happiness!! Riiiight!!??
Every Yid's A Fire

Yoni Z

The fire has been spreading for a year - now it’s time for the remix. TYH Nation and Yoni Z team up again and brought on DJ Niso Slob to remix their hit song “Every Yids A Fire” - Dance away like that fire within you!

Mendy Worch

TYH Nation Presents Every Yid's a Big Tzadik Inspired By Rabbi Jungreis From The Niklesburg - Woodburne Shul De Rebbe, Rabbi Jungreis is a champion of hope and positivity for a generation that feels it can never live up to the standards of greatness of our past Tzadikim. De Rebbe constantly reminds us that just like Noach was a big tzadik during a very tough chapter of history, so too every yid today is a BIG Tzadik and can achieve walking in the ways of Hashem and being a Light unto the world. As De Rebbe says “From his Keppelle till his Feeselle “. Every Yid is a BIG Tzadik!
Niggun Ahava
ניגון אהבה

Betzalel Lev

This song is in tribute to Shlomo Carlebach. Shlomo was unlike anybody else ever. Shlomo lived his life for the Jewish people, bringing them laughter and tears with his guitar, his music and his stories. As thousands of people can tell you how they’ve experienced it first hand, Shlomo gave all of his time, money, and heart to every person he met. He left nothing to himself. Shlomo Carlebach composed hundreds of songs. Here’s one that many have never heard. Named Niggun Ahava, Song of love. Because if you had to describe Shlomo Carlebach in one word it would be this: Love. ❤️
Aish Kodesh
אש קודש

Rabbi Shlomo Katz - הרב שלמה כ״ץ

In Honor of our Rebbe Harav Moshe Weinberger Shlita The image of a dancing flame expresses light, warmth, and vibrancy. But it also bespeaks a spirit of confidence, the conviction that we can overcome any hurdle, that no matter how mightily the winds may blow, “lo yichbeh neiro” - nothing can ever put out our flame. The Aish Kodesh community in Woodmere, NY, headed by Rav Moshe Weinberger shlita, certainly embodies a light, warmth, and vibrancy of Yiddishkeit which enlivens our generation of searching souls. But if there is one underlying element that sits at the core of who Rebbe is, it is this spirit of nitzachon – eternal confidence in the Jewish soul and its capacity to thrive in any circumstance, in our generation’s ability to transform the darkness of our world into light, and in the teachings of the tzaddikim to help us achieve this dual feat. “Aish tamid tukad al hamizbeach” – the eternal fire of confidence shining forth from Aish Kodesh to illuminate the soul of our generation, “Lo sichbeh” – is founded upon the eradication of “lo”, “no”; the erasure of our hopelessness in the face of the obstacles before us, a clear vision of the success we will most certainly have if we can only tap the endless reservoir of Divine strength we carry within.
It's All From You
Ain Od Milvado - אין עוד מלבדו

Betzalel Levin

After three years of singing Thank You Hashem and internalizing that everything is from Him, we are blessed with another Simcha. It’s in these moments that we look up to Hashem and sing a new tune “It's all from you” Ain Od Milvado. Mazel Tov!
Never Give Up!
רבי נחמן - אין שום יאוש בעולם

Eli Levin

Walk out into the field, open your heart, and raise your hands to the heavens and sing "אין שום יאוש בעולם - There is no despair in the world! Never Give Up!' The feel of this video is meant to help you meditate to the concept of Emunah, having full confidence in Hashem, that he is always there for you, and despair is never an option! רבי נחמן מאומן אומר אין שום יאוש בעולם
Asei Imuni
עשה עמנו

Ahrele Samet

Nothing but Your Kindness "Ain booni maasim,” "We have no merits." Generally associated with gravity and brokenness, these painful words have classically been set to slow, almost mournful melodies. This special track offers a fresh approach. While there certainly remains a tinge of sadness and regret laced into the verse ("Ain booni, ain booni — oyyy!"), these emotions are reframed by the hope, positivity, and comfort present whenever a Jew opens up to Hashem with authenticity and sincerity. In this shining moment of transparency to our Source, we realize that while we may be devoid of merits, we are ever supported by Hashem, whose closeness is experienced most intensely by the brokenhearted. Set to a pressing beat that implies an almost urgent sense of determination, Ain Booni encapsulates a uniquely Jewish emotion, "Hazorim b'dimah, b'rinah" — a delicate blend of broken heartedness and elation. By ourselves, we couldn't ever dream of making it. But with Hashem's kindness supporting us along the way, there is nothing we can't accomplish as we march together into the dawn of a brighter future!
Chelek Elokai
חלק אלוקה ממעל

Ari Hill & Joey Newcomb

The words of the Baal HaTanya are etched into the heart of our holy nation: "Every Jewish soul is literally a portion of Hashem." Sometimes it's difficult for us to feel it. Sometimes our actions may obscure the holiness at our core. But beyond the many layers of a dust that is infinitely simpler to wipe away than we could ever dare to imagine, abides the shining essence of the Jewish nation - a literal spark of Hashem.
Never Alone

Bracha Jaffe & Shaindy Plotzker

The yearning for connection is a powerful part of being human. We all experience the fear of being alone in some way. Rebbe Nachman teaches: “ One of the main objectives of life is overcoming our fears” But how do I overcome my fear of being alone? The answer lies in the recognition that the same Hashem who gives me this fear, is the One who empowers me with the ability to conquer it. With this emunah I can forge ahead, walking confidently with Hashem, through the journey of life, always knowing that I am protected because I know: A YID IS NEVER ALONE!
Nothing Can Stop You
Yoni Z

TYH x NCSY is a collab made in heaven. We share a joint mission of spreading positivity and light to the world. Every one of us has emunah in Hashem. But first thing in the morning we say: “Modeh Ani...rabba emunasecha - You Hashem, have endless emunah in me”. Why does Hashem believe in you? Because your soul is a spark of the Divine. And if you know that Nothing Can Stop You.
Take Us Home
Moshe Storch

It was a dark night, in the hills of Tzfat, near Meron, and as we were walking we heard the most beautiful melody emanating from deep within a cave. We had never heard this song before, but it very quickly became something that we would sing whenever we would fabreng. We have been unable to find the origin of this song, and it has definitely evolved since that first time hearing it. We worked on this song for years and had planned to release the song this week. With the events that unfolded last week we took this as a message from HASHEM saying Shomati. I hear your cries. Thank you Hashem for giving us a chance to get closer with each other and to get closer to you. For those that want to contribute to the families affected TYHNation partnered with Yad Eliezer to distribute Tzedaka directly to the families and you can learn more about that here. HASHEM, the time has come to take us home! We are ready.
Wake Up Yidden
8th Day

It was the early 1700’s and the long years of Galus had left us in a deep slumber that detached us from the soul of our tradition and even from our own neshamos. Along came the Baal Shem Tov, a dynamic and inspiring leader, who taught us how to wake ourselves out of the monotony of life and to reconnect ourselves to Avinu Shebashamayim, our loving Father in Heaven. The Baal Shem Tov provided the alarm clock that beeped over and over again with the message-“Yidden! Find your own Penimious (inner selves) by exploring the Penimious(inner being) of Hashem’s Holy Torah! Don’t click snooze! Heed the call of his alarm telling us “your yidishkeit and your world can be awakened” and hasten to prepare to greet Moshiach.
Shefa Ad Bli Dai
Moishy Schwartz

Purim is a time of giving - this year let’s look up and ask Hashem for a little Shaloch Manos, we all need it! TYH Nation teamed up with Moshe Guitar; a big voice and an even bigger Neshoma, with one goal in mind - to inspire Yidden! So let's sing, let’s dance, and let’s ask Hashem for SHEFA AD BLI DAI!
Every Yid's a Fire
Yoni Z

The neshamah of a Yid is compared to a flame. At birth you are entrusted with an internal spark, and your job throughout life is to ignite this spark until it illuminates like a full blown fire. On a deeper level that light represents the small piece of Hashem that you have within you. So if you ever feel down remember “ Kodesh Heim” - *Every Yid is Hellig, because Every Yid is A Fire! *This Chanukah, let us remember; when it seems that there is an abundance of darkness, we can all unite our inner flames to create a fire so strong it illuminates the entire world as we prepare to greet Moshiach!
Chanuka Is Here

Illuminating the world effectively begins inwards, ensuring that our home is shining thru and thru. Chanukah is etymologically related to the hebrew word for education (chinuch). There is nothing more powerful than the education which takes place at home. No matter how brilliant the school system, kids learn the most from their home. As Chanukah comes, we refocus our efforts to kindle flames of faith to illuminate our home and infuse our home with the warmth of holiness and Yiddishkeit. These flickering flames we put by the window for all the world to see, were lit in the intimacy of the home to teach us: You want to make the world a better place? Make your home a better place. Make sure that even if “it’s dark outside”, “it’s light in here”. “Thank You Hashem” because finally, finally - “Chanukah is here”!!!
ELUL Hamelech Basadeh

Imagine you found out that Hashem will be staying in your guest room...yes, you should be excited!
Give a smile
Beri Weber

It lives on every surface; in the cold and heat, in darkness and light! If you catch it too, you will have the following symptoms; sudden dancing, general giggles and laughter.
The Nechama Niggun
Joey Newcomb

In explaining the idea of NECHAMA The Seforim Hakedoshim tell us that very soon we will all look back at all of our years in GALUS and it will all make sense, but that's not all!. We will even be able to look at our personal Galus, including the great challenges we all face, each on their own level, and see how everything we have been through was actually the best thing for us at the time - Thats Nechama!
Never Give Up
Eli Levin

The sound of perseverance- Never Give Up is a prescription of positivity and optimism, lifting us up when Hashem’s ways seem hidden to the human eye.
Thank You Hashem Remix
DJ Niso Slob Official Remix

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