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Alex Clare

Inspired by the concept of Cheshbon Hanefesh, or deep introspection, "RUN" encourages listeners to confront their inner demons and embrace their vulnerabilities. The song's driving beat and urgent lyrics mirror the relentless chase we often feel in life, urging us to turn and face the internal forces that hold us back.
Tut Altz
8th day

Tut Altz · Thank You Hashem · 8th Day
Ein Zeh Hastara

Mendy Worch

Based on the beautiful song Afilu Behastara, the Bal Shem Tov explains the deeper idea that if you KNOW someone is there but he’s hiding, then you know you’re not alone. When a Yid remembers that Hashem tells us “ I will hide my face from you” he is given the AWARENESS that Hashem is always here just hiding, and through that knowledge all is revealed and nothing is Hidden at all
Shalom Rav
שלום רב

Eli Skaist Feat. Ari Dobkin

A few days before October 7th, some old friends met up in a studio in NYC to record something spontaneously. After several hours of playing around with different song ideas, Ari remembered an old tune of Eli’s “Adon Hashalom” (Master of Peace), that had never been recorded. Little did they know that so soon after, this prayer would be more relevant than ever. Eli returned to Israel to serve his people as a Major in the IDF and hasn’t stopped since. The hopes and תפילות for שלום רב genuine peace for the entire עם ישראל has never been as strong as it is today. We daven that the שלום will be תשים לעולם, on the entire universe and for eternity, and it’s in that spirit that we share this song.
Shabbos is Coming
ס’קומט שבת

Dovy Meisels
דובי מייזעלס

Shabbos is coming, forget about everything! Every worry and concern, unfinished business and looming deadlines - we leave it at the door as we enter the warm embrace of the holy Shabbos. Shabbos accepts us as is, we are perfect for who we are. Shabbos gives us 25 hours of quality time with Hashem, where we discover Who is really running our world. On Shabbos we refocus on the only thing that really matters - our relationship with the Creator of the world. We see Hashem on Shabbos and we realize He was there all week long as well, guiding us exactly where we need to be. And He will be right there with us next week as well! Soak in the energy of this song with the joy of knowing that Shabbos is never that far away!

Sruly Green
שרולי גרין

Many think that the idea of a Farbrengen is just to have a good time. Sit around, share some Torah, sing some good niggunim and maybe make a L’chaim with some food. But the truth is that it is so much more. Yisroel, The Torah, and Hashem are all one, as Chazal tell us. The Baal Shem Tov’s mission was to spread an experiential Yidishkeit, leading to the ultimate unification of these three premier elements of our world. Bnei Yisroel and the Torah are expressions of Hashem in this world, but at their source they are all truly unified. A Farbrengen brings these elements together. The chevra represents Bnei Yisroel, gathering together to sing heilige songs and share the Torah which are both vehicles to be used to connect to Hashem. In this way, a simple gathering is actually the ultimate elevation from the mundane world into the G-Dly realm.
Purim Upmix
DJ Farbreng & Shloime Kaufman | Ft.

Every Yom Tov holds a unique spiritual energy, a light, an Ohr, that we can absorb to elevate ourselves throughout the year. This energy empowers us to internalize lessons that bring us closer to Hashem. Purim unveils the deepest of truths: even without overt miracles, Hashem remains the master orchestrator. Unlike other miraculous events where Hashem defies the laws of nature, the Purim story unfolded within these very “rules”! This teaches us that the seemingly ordinary world is a vessel through which Hashem's will is carried out. On Purim, the mask is lifted, and we can experience this truth with clarity – feeling it, breathing it, living it, singing it!! Use this clarity to reach pure inner Simcha! Internalize the knowledge that every event in your life, every interaction, challenge, and joy, flows directly from Hashem's guidance. His love for you is unconditional, like a parent's love for a child. Sing along with the realization that just as Hashem orchestrated the events of Purim, He is present with you, always. Even when you don't see the light at the end of the tunnel, you can find peace and joy, knowing that you are in the Best of Hands. Experience the true Simcha of Purim - the serenity of knowing you are deeply loved and divinely guided.
Back of the Wagon
Matisyahu | & Alex Clare

Get in the Wagon, Live the 'Besht' Life The Bal Shem Tov was famous for his journeys to visit Yidden in far flung villages throughout the Ukraine. He would invite some of his disciples to join him on an epic journey to uplift Yidden and elevate sparks, on nature-defying trips on his holy wagon, guided more by Divine Providence than by his trusted driver Alexei.
Derech Emunah
דרך אמונה

Meir Green
מאיר גרין

Derech Emunah Bacharti – 'The path of faith I have chosen', declares King David in Tehillim. This powerful statement encapsulates the essence of Jewish faith: a life guided by unwavering trust in Hashem with every step taken with this confident knowledge. While life's journey is a constant dance between our own capabilities and the unwavering trust we place in Hashem, and we are blessed with our individual talents and strengths, navigating life's complexities solely on our own can be daunting. It's like embarking on a treacherous journey through uncharted territory, relying solely on our own sense of direction.
Heart & Soul Medley
Israel Portnoy
ישראל פורטנוי

Israel Portnoy brings new life to a medley of classic Hebrew, English,and Yiddish songs, with fresh and original arrangements, produced by Mendy Portnoy at Farbrengable Studios. Feel the warmth of nostalgia wash over you as the track delivers a powerful message, all centered around the theme of the Neshama, a vibrant testament to the enduring power of Jewish music and the Jewish people.
Ani Maami
Devorah Schwartz

Ani Maamin is more than just words its a tapestry woven with threads of history, faith, and the indomitable jewish spirit. It serves as a powerful reminder of the strength and resilience of Jewish faith through the ages. This version of Ani Maamin is referred to as the “haunting melody” or the “Holocaust Ani Maamin” composed by a Modzitzer chodud on a cattle cart to Treblinka. The story goes that the song started out quiet and tentative and then through singing it over and over again it picked up strength giving the singers so much inner strength and resolve. Jews from all over the world sing this particular tune for the past eighty years and its haunting beautiful melody continues to give us so much hope.
Jerusalem Upmix
DJ Farbreng & Feat. Matisyahu

Jerusalem - it's a city forever etched in our hearts, the compass that guides us, the spark that ignites our dreams. Just like the pintele yid, Jerusalem lives within us, a central beacon leading us back to our roots. Feel the pulse of your own pintele yid igniting as you close your eyes and surrender to the rhythm. The Jerusalem Upmix is a reminder of the Ba’al Shem Tov’s teaching that home is wherever your heart exists, and Jerusalem's flame burns bright within every Yid.
Songs of soldiers 2 UPMIX
2 שירי החיילים

DJ Farbreng & 8th Day

From the front lines in Eretz Yisroel to your living room, we are all one army, united by the same holy purpose. This song is the second of our joyous anthems of that unity, a celebration of the chizuk we draw from each other, from the Chayalim dancing on the frontlines to the mothers whispering bedtime prayers with the next generation of Hashem's soldiers. Let the world see our unshakeable bond, for in togetherness, we are an unstoppable force for good.
Reb Shaya Ben Reb Moshe ZY”A
Joey Newcomb

Reb Shayele was a destination for all kind of Jews needing a warm meal or an encouraging word. With no questions asked Reb Shayale was there to provide for another Yid. During difficult times, klal yisroel draws from the light that he provided, by deepening our unity and by emulating his ways through acts of chessed and displays of achdus. May his merit protect us. Zechuso Yagen Aleinu.
In The Light
Aryeh Kunstler

Amidst the growing darkness, the unwavering flame of Achdus, our unity, serves as a beacon of hope. Through our shared commitment to Hashem and unwavering support for one another, we become vessels of light, illuminating the world around us. This Chanukah, let us dedicate ourselves to strengthening this sacred bond, building a brighter future together.
Dreidel Ft. Mendy Worch

The tastes of Chanukah come alive as Afikoman and Mendy Worch visit the sufganiyot factory and get right into the Chanukah mood. Sufganiyot galore! and Mendy Worch sing along!
Chanukah Upmix
DJ Farbreng & Izzy Feat.

Chanukah, the Festival of Lights, is a time for celebration, family, and the triumph of light over darkness. Immerse yourself in the farbrengable sounds of Chanukah with our brand new Up-mix, a compilation of classic Chanukah songs that will get you dancing and singing along. With the infectious energy of DJ FARBRENG, this will quickly become your ultimate soundtrack to Chanukah festivities as you gather your loved ones, spin the dreidel, and let the light of Chanukah fill your home.

DJ Farbreng ft. Lazer & Moshe Storch

Well over a decade ago, a holy yid in Jerusalem by the name of Yitzchak L'kutei Tfilot showed up at Nekuda Tova, a beautiful and lively makom torah utefillah in Meah Shearim, and for years would sit in the Ezras Nashim and sing and sing and cry while praying to Hashem, as he would daven the words of Likutei Tefilot. In that corner one could find a pure and holy Eved Hashem, turning to his Creator in sweet sweet song and prayer. R’ Pinchas Deutsch from Nekuda Tova would sit with him and listen to his songs until one day, Yitzchak L'kutei Tfilot shared the song Hatzileni and immediately inspired The Nekuda Tova Chevra to bring this song to the world. The song became a fixture in the community, even being played at the legendary VaserTreiger farbrengens and anybody that has visited Nekuda Tova has most likely danced to Hatzileni at some point. Legend has it that the holy composer, Reb Yitchak, is ben achar ben from the Holy Baal Shem Tov, and this song definitely came down from very high places.
B'korov Mamash
בקרוב ממש

Avraham Fried

Moshiach is coming B’korov Mamash! We will see great miracles B’korov Mamash! The world will be filled with the light of Geulah B’korov Mamash!
Dalia Friedman

We call out to Hashem from the depths, from the deepest places. It is from within these experiences, when our faith is being challenged, that our emunah points us to our loving Father in Heaven. We turn to Him requesting that He hear our prayer, and mercifully redeem us from the lowest places. The Tzaddikim tell us that there is another explanation - That when our emunah is tested, and we have difficulty even forming the words to say, we can still call out to Hashem from the depths of our heart, from our own individual deepest places. We can have confidence, that even without knowing how to form a proper prayer, and while still missing the perfect words, Hashem can discern the true voice coming from deep within us. We have faith, we are Maaminim the children of Maaminim, and we know that our strength and success comes only from Hashem.
Mah Shehaya Haya
מה שהיה היה

Moshe Storch

My dear friend, it’s an old Jewish idea but it’s still what we live by. Our belief that Hashem renews the world at every moment and is constantly involved in everything that takes place, has kept us strong throughout the generations. We proclaim faithfully “What happened, happened. The main thing is to start fresh completely”. We want to tap into that power of renewal, the power to see and experience freshness and vibrancy in our service of Hashem, and the power to merit a complete return to who and what we are meant to be. In honor of the yahrtzeit this week of Reb Shlomo Carlebach, let’s hold our head up high and let these words, inspired by Reb Shalom Arush together with the beautiful Kel Adon Shabbos tune from Reb Shlomo, give us all the Chizzuk we need to succeed in uniting, joyfully, yet authentically, with each other and with Hashem in these days of Moshiach! Enjoy, Good Shabbos!
Songs of soldiers UPMIX
שירי החיילים

DJ Farbreng & Meir Green

We all get so much chizuk and strength when we see the Jewish Army going to battle with the name of Hashem on their lips. The videos of Chayalim singing and dancing with the confidence in Hashem gives us all the faith needed to increase our simcha during trying times. As we are all soldiers in Hashem’s army, be it on the battle field in Eretz Yisroel, learning in the Bais medrash, davening ,or doing Mitzvos, we are all fighting the battles so let us take chizuk and continue the fight against the darkness that surrounds us until we are victorious with the coming of Moshiach
Shabbat Shalom

SHABABABAT Shalom! More than the Jews keep Shabbos, Shabbos keeps the Jews! Join Afiko.Man in connecting to the ultimate gift and the source of all blessing- SHABABA! Tap into the joy of the mitzvah, get into the shabbos spirit and sing along SHABABABA! Just do MITZVOS- SHABABABA!

Mendy Worch

Doing Teshuva sounds extremely daunting!To change everything about myself and stop doing the things that I’m so accustomed to doing? That sounds way too difficult to even consider. In a foundational and life altering teaching Rav Kook teaches that we have it all wrong. The Yetzer hara does everything in his power to get us to believe this. It’s exactly what he wants. Once we think like that he’s already won. The actual truth is that Teshuva predates the world and it is easy! Our belief must be that Hashem is there every step of the way. He calls for us every day as He is constantly encouraging us and leading us back to Him. Recognize that His single desire for us is to let our neshama shine bright, to just take the first step towards Him, to make a single ever so slight movement in His direction, and you will have the strength to take that leap back to your true self and back to Him. That is the true power of Teshuva!
Rosh Hashana Upmix
DJ Farbreng Feat. Yoni Z

Rosh Hashana is the head of the year and it literally sets the tone for how sweet and awesome the coming year is going to be. With the energy of Yoni Z and DJ FARBRENG our brand new Upmix helps you start it with simcha and joy, while dancing your way towards an incredibly sweet and happy new year! Shanah Tova!!

One of the beliefs of Yidishkeit is that the most fundamental element of every Yid is a holy Neshama, a soul that yearns to connect to Hashem. Over time, as life takes us where it tends to, this central part of who we are can become covered with Kelippos, a shell or peel, that can create a blockage from us accomplishing our mission. Understanding that at our core we are a holy and spiritual being, and that anything preventing closeness between us and Hashem is not our essential self, allows us to recognize that all we have to do is peel off the outer layer and the beauty will shine outwards, propelling us towards a true relationship with kedusha and Hashem.
Never Alone ACAPELLA
Bracha Jaffe & Shaindy Plotzker

The yearning for connection is a powerful part of being human. We all experience the fear of being alone in some way. Rebbe Nachman teaches: “ One of the main objectives of life is overcoming our fears” But how do I overcome my fear of being alone? The answer lies in the recognition that the same Hashem who gives me this fear, is the One who empowers me with the ability to conquer it. With this emunah I can forge ahead, walking confidently with Hashem, through the journey of life, always knowing that I am protected because I know: A YID IS NEVER ALONE!
Another Chance ACAPELLA

Every Yid has to know he always has an Another chance. In the Beis Hamikdash, the Bnei Yisrael missed out on the korban, because they were tamei (impure) after coming in contact with a מת. After Pesach, they went to Moshe Rabbeinu, distraught. Please, give us a chance to do this holy mitzvah! Please, give us another chance....! Moshe Rabbeinu agreed that this sounded reasonable. And thus, פסח שיני was born. We see that just like the Bnei Yisroel who had another chance, we have another chance too.... Sometimes, we think to ourselves that this is it. We just blew something. There's no way we could ever fix what happened. But in life, Hashem does give us Another chances! Every Yid has another chance... No matter what! The yetzer hara tries to drag us into ייאוש—despair. The yetzer hara knows that when we despair, mitzvos become harder, our emunah wavers, and it's easier to fall than to climb. In life, we DO have a second chance! We have another chance to grow, and to change, and to overcome! Don't forget it. :)
Birchas Hedyit ACAPELLA
ברכת הדיוט

Sruly Green

Chazal teaches us of the incredible power of Hashem's blessing being delivered through the Birkat Kohanim—when the kohanim bless us. They bring down Hashem's presence into our lives and give us protection from Heaven over all that we do. But there's something you may not have known: every single Yid has the power to bless their brothers and sisters! Chazal tells us to never discount the power contained within every Yid… and that includes what's contained within YOU! Share a caring word, a smile, or a kind thought. Share your blessings with the world!

Moshe Auslander

Every yid's life is full of twists and turns and ups and downs. We have all been given our own unique derech to discover and follow on our way to Hashem! Wrong turns happen, and they are simply a part of our own special derech. The secret is to appreciate the journey!
Good Shabbos
גוט שבת

Mendy Worch

When we remember and cherish the priceless gifts that Shabbos brings, we can all become in-tune and hear the world singing with us “Good Shabbos”!!
It's All From You
Shaindel Antelis feat. TYH Girls

“Ein od milvado,” it’s all from Hashem. With the knowledge that each and every blessing and challenge is from Hashem, we can continue to remain strong until Mashiach’s arrival.
Lag Ba'Omer UPMIX
Joey Newcomb & DJ Farbreng

Originally released a few years ago, we had DJ Farbreng add his unique sound to this upmix to help us connect to Heilige Reb Shimon on this special day of Lag B’omer.
Beautiful People
Sruly Green

With this song we remember a man who would instantly bring simcha to every situation. We remember a true Yid who looked at each of his brothers and sisters with loving eyes, full of hope and positivity and greeted everyone with a “Hello, all you beautiful people!”
Joey Newcomb feat. Yosh Friedman

A song from the heart of Hatzolah, presented to you raw unpolished & untouched, expressing the deep emotions of a Yiddishe Neshama witnessing a world with pain & suffering.
Pesach Upmix
DJ Farbreng feat. Mendy Worch & Sruly Green

A new take on a set of familiar Pesach songs.
Be Happy
DJ Farbreng feat. Beryl + Shmeryl

It's always a Mitzva to be happy. But when its Purim combined with a song called Bhappy from TYH Nation, you can sure its time to turn your frown upside down and get ready to fabreng!
Another Chance

In life, we DO have a second chance! We have another chance to grow, and to change, and to overcome! Don't forget it. :)
Mi Sheomar
Joey Newcomb - Feat. Yosh Friedman

Take a moment to absorb the profound impact of Hatzolah as you watch this meaningful video.
R’ Levy Yitzchak
ר' לוי יצחק

Sruly Green

Ahhh to connect to the Tzaddik, R Levi Yitzchak Ben Sara Sasha!!
Rebbe Tell Me
Mendy Worch

“Why are we here and what are we supposed to be focusing on?” We turn to our Rabbeim, our teachers, who, with the knowledge of Hashem and the Torah, can guide us to reach our potential.

Naftali Kempeh - נפתלי קמפה

The Ba’al Shem Tov is the founder of a movement that forever changed the landscape of Yiddishkeit. In a letter to his brother in law...

8th Day

Every one of us is a Shliach, a messenger of Hashem, to do our part in bringing Moshiach. This mission begs for a song to go with it - Enjoy!
Kos Yeshuos
כוס ישועות


What a sweet and joyous new melody to sing at this very special moment each week to uplift us as we lift up the ״כוס ישועות״!
Pharaoh in

Shlepping Nachas

By always remembering you're Hashem's child, you never lose touch with your childhood joy. “Pharaoh in Pajama” is all about happy riffing on that nursery rhyme about Yetzias Mitzrayim.
Judith Gerzi

For Women & Girls

This song speaks of a yearning for Moshiach and the ultimate redemption which we so badly need right now. May hashem hear our tefilot and answer them speedily.
Chusid Breslov
חסיד ברסלב

DJ Farbreng | Feat. Moshe Storch

The words of this song are quoted from the Breslover Tzaddik R’ Avraham Ben R’ Nachman who said “A Breslov Chasid needs to dance at least a half hour every day!”

Ari Lesser

Every classic merits a sequel, so join the energetic and rhythmic Ari Lesser for a powerful and poetic journey through life with a focus on the myriad blessings we merit in our life for which we profoundly proclaim “Thank You Hashem”.
Every Yid's a Big Tzadik

Mendy Worch

Are you a big tzadik? Everyone is singing the answer - Kulam Tzadikim! Now it’s time for the DJ Farbreng Remix. Press play and get ready to dance, from your keppelle to your feeselle!
Holding On
Shaindy Plotzker
For Women & Girls Only

When it seems like our load is too heavy when the pain is so complete, we know that we can call on Hashem to carry our struggles; to lift the weight from our shoulders. And ultimately... It is our belief and trust in Hashem that sets us free….


Adam Eitz Hasadeh. Rebbe Nachman teaches of a 100 year old tree, and comments that although this tree has been through its share of winters, each year it comes roaring back, as the leaves begin to grow on its worn branches.
Shaar L’Hashem

Shlomo Reich

Acheinu b’nai Yisrael! In October 2021, seven holy brothers of The Shaar - a unique kiruv yeshiva experience in the Five Towns - had their Pidyon HaBen at an epic once-in-a-lifetime event.
Shuvu Banim
שובו בנים

Moshe Auslander

Chazal tell us that every day a heavenly voice, a Bas Kol, calls out to every Jewish soul, proclaiming, "Shuvu Banim Shovevim, My wayward children return to me."

Avraham Fried

A beautiful heart stirring song about Mamah Rochel. Composed by the fabulous Blumstein -Thank You Hashem- brothers.
Hakol Letovah

Bracha Jaffe

Hakol Letova- “Everything is for the good” is a simple phrase that can change your life. Realizing that Hashem is orchestrating your moments, down to the smallest detail, can allow you to tap into a deep sense of calm and develop a positive attitude towards the challenges which inevitably appear in your life.
Baalei Teshuvah
בעלי תשובה

R' Yaakov Klein

“We want to be Baalei Teshuvah! Tatteh, bring us closer, closer to you!” May we merit to be sealed in the book of true-life – a life of faith, a life of depth, a life of holiness and connection!

The Early Shabbosd Band

Happiness. We all pursue it. But how do we experience it? Hashem answers us: אם אתה משמח את שלי, אני משמח את שלך - “If you make Mine happy, I will make you happy!” Simply applied - Hashem is revealing: there is a unique joy reserved for those that gladden others.
Every Yid's A Fire

Yoni Z

TYH Nation and Yoni Z team up again and brought on DJ Niso Slob to remix their hit song “Every Yids A Fire” - Dance away like that fire within you!

Mendy Worch

Just like Noach was a big tzadik during a very tough chapter of history, so too every yid today is a BIG Tzadik and can achieve walking in the ways of Hashem and being a Light unto the world. As De Rebbe says “From his Keppelle till his Feeselle “. Every Yid is a BIG Tzadik!
Niggun Ahava
ניגון אהבה

Betzalel Lev

Shlomo Carlebach composed hundreds of songs. Here’s one that many have never heard. Named Niggun Ahava, Song of love. Because if you had to describe Shlomo Carlebach in one word it would be this: Love. ❤️
Aish Kodesh
אש קודש

Rabbi Shlomo Katz - הרב שלמה כ״ץ

The image of a dancing flame expresses light, warmth, and vibrancy. But it also bespeaks a spirit of confidence, the conviction that we can overcome any hurdle, that no matter how mightily the winds may blow, “lo yichbeh neiro” - nothing can ever put out our flame.
It's All From You
Ain Od Milvado - אין עוד מלבדו

Betzalel Levin

After three years of singing Thank You Hashem and internalizing that everything is from Him, we are blessed with another Simcha. It’s in these moments that we look up to Hashem and sing a new tune “It's all from you” Ain Od Milvado.
Never Give Up!
רבי נחמן - אין שום יאוש בעולם

Eli Levin

Walk out into the field, open your heart, and raise your hands to the heavens and sing "אין שום יאוש בעולם - There is no despair in the world! Never Give Up!'
Asei Imuni
עשה עמנו

Ahrele Samet

"Ain booni maasim,” "We have no merits." Generally associated with gravity and brokenness, these painful words have classically been set to slow, almost mournful melodies. This special track offers a fresh approach.
Chelek Elokai
חלק אלוקה ממעל

Ari Hill & Joey Newcomb

The words of the Baal HaTanya are etched into the heart of our holy nation: "Every Jewish soul is literally a portion of Hashem."
Never Alone

Bracha Jaffe & Shaindy Plotzker

The yearning for connection is a powerful part of being human. We all experience the fear of being alone in some way. But how do I overcome my fear of being alone? The answer lies in...
Nothing Can Stop You

Yoni Z

Every morning we say: “Modeh Ani...rabba emunasecha - You Hashem, have endless emunah in me”. Why does Hashem believe in you? Because your soul is a spark of the Divine. And if you know that Nothing Can Stop You.
Take Us Home
Moshe Storch

It was a dark night, in the hills of Tzfat, near Meron, and as we were walking we heard the most beautiful melody emanating from deep within a cave. We had never heard this song before, but it very quickly became something that we would sing whenever we would fabreng.
Wake Up Yidden
8th Day

Find your own Penimious (inner selves) by exploring the Penimious(inner being) of Hashem’s Holy Torah! Heed the call of his alarm telling us “your yidishkeit and your world can be awakened” and hasten to prepare to greet Moshiach.
Shefa Ad Bli Dai
Moishy Schwartz

Purim is a time of giving - this year let’s look up and ask Hashem for a little Shaloch Manos, we all need it! TYH Nation teamed up with Moshe Guitar; a big voice and an even bigger Neshoma, with one goal in mind - to inspire Yidden! So let's sing, let’s dance, and let’s ask Hashem for SHEFA AD BLI DAI!
Every Yid's a Fire
Yoni Z

The neshamah of a Yid is compared to a flame. At birth you are entrusted with an internal spark, and your job throughout life is to ignite this spark until it illuminates like a full blown fire. On a deeper level that light represents the small piece of Hashem that you have within you.
Chanuka Is Here

As Chanukah comes, we refocus our efforts to kindle flames of faith to illuminate our home and infuse our home with the warmth of holiness and Yiddishkeit. You want to make the world a better place? Make your home a better place.
ELUL Hamelech Basadeh

Imagine you found out that Hashem will be staying in your guest room...yes, you should be excited!
Give a smile
Beri Weber

It lives on every surface; in the cold and heat, in darkness and light! If you catch it too, you will have the following symptoms; sudden dancing, general giggles and laughter.
The Nechama Niggun
Joey Newcomb

In explaining the idea of NECHAMA The Seforim Hakedoshim tell us that very soon we will all look back at all of our years in GALUS and it will all make sense, but that's not all!. We will even...
Never Give Up
Eli Levin

The sound of perseverance- Never Give Up is a prescription of positivity and optimism, lifting us up when Hashem’s ways seem hidden to the human eye.
Thank You Hashem Remix
DJ Niso Slob Official Remix