Another Chance

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Another Chance -
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Would you believe that the singer of this beautiful song is 12 years old?
Let's hear about the song, and the neshamah behind the niggum from him:

Every Yid has to know he always has a Another chance.

In the Beis Hamikdash, the Bnei Yisrael missed out on the korban, because they were tamei (impure) after coming in contact with a מת. After Pesach, they went to Moshe Rabbeinu, distraught. Please, give us a chance to do this holy mitzvah! Please, give us another chance....!

Moshe Rabbeinu agreed that this sounded reasonable.

And thus, פסח שיני was born.

We see that just like the Bnei Yisroel who had another chance, we have another chance too....

Sometimes, we think to ourselves that this is it. We just blew something.
There's no way we could ever fix what happened.

But in life, Hashem does give us Another chances!

Every Yid has another chance...
No matter what!  

The yetzer hara tries to drag us into ייאוש—despair. The yetzer hara knows that when we despair, mitzvos become harder, our emunah wavers, and it's easier to fall than to climb.

In life, we DO have a second chance!
We have another chance to grow, and to change, and to overcome!

Don't forget it. :)

לע״נ מנשה בן צבי אלימלך