Holding On / Shaindy Plotzker
[For Women and Girls Only]

TYH Nation presents
By Shaindy Plotzker

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We all have a bag - a weight that we carry,
and what’s within each bag is
often times only known to us and hidden from the world.

Let’s face it.
Every one of us goes through challenges.
We’re all fighting battles, whether it’s a challenge that people know about or a struggle that we keep to ourselves. Some are big challenges. Some are smaller. But they are all valid.

And sometimes…it may feel like it’s enough to knock us to our knees.

Sometimes it feels like it’s just too much to hold.

But that baggage isn’t ours to carry alone.

When it seems like our load is too heavy when the pain is so complete, we know that we can call on Hashem to carry our struggles; to lift the weight from our shoulders.

And ultimately...
It is our belief and trust in Hashem that sets us free….

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Farbrengable Studios

Music credits:
Song composed by: Shaindy Plotzker and Mendy Portnoy
Adapted from “I Believe” written by R’ Efraim Wachsman
Additional lyrics written by: Shaindy Plotzker and Bella Levitan
Music produced by: Mendy Portnoy
String arrangement by: Cremain Brooker
Mixed by: Ben Wallick
Mastered by: Connor Salmoral
Backing vocals by: Menucha Abraham

Video credits:
Produced by: The Anelis Group

None of this would be possible without the incredible Blumstein Brothers. R’ Aryeh & R’ Elimelech, thank you for giving us the ability to bring Holding On to the world.

Special thanks to:
Hakadosh Baruch Hu!
Yakov Josephy, Mendy Portnoy, Mrs. Bella Levitan, Mrs. Hudis Dobkin, Mrs. Esty Rogin, Mrs. Shani Plotzker, Mattie Blatter, Miri Rogin, Adina Rogin, Chani Rogin, AJ Dobkin, Asher Dobkin, Noa Carmel, Mrs. Jordana Carmel, Esty Blaustein, FancyPlants Salad, Yael Goury, Sha’arei Bina Torah Academy for Girls, Arielle Habari, Eliya Habari, Estie Seroya, Malka Fladen, Meital Ioffe, Sarah Selmar, Shifra Suissa, Mrs. Parnes and Dina Rubin of Clothes n’ Bows, Gittie Swerdloff, The Red Tag, Mrs. Bodkins, Chumi Berkman, and the Plotzker Family

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I believe in Hashem
I trust in Hashem
There never is a moment when
I’m all alone
And I’m on my own
I believe
And I trust in Hashem

Because I understand
That he’s holding my hand
And every step
Is perfectly planned
He’s holding me tight
So I’ll be alright
I believe
And I trust
In Hashem

When the pain is so complete
And the heartache is so true
I surrender, G-d
I give it up to you

לא אירא רע
לא אירא רע
כי אתה עמדי
לא אירא רע
לא אירא רע
כי אתה עמדי

I’m holding on
I’m holding on

לא אירא רע
לא אירא רע
כי אתה עמדי
לא אירא רע
לא אירא רע
כי אתה עמדי

I’m holding on
Because you’re holding mea


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