Be Happy ²
DJ Farbreng feat. Beryl + Shmeryl

TYH Nation Presents
Be Happy ²
DJ Farbreng | Beryl + Shmeryl

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Diving right into the Festive purim spirit, TYH Nation releases the ultimate Simcha Anthem. Embracing the teachings of Rebbe Nachman, this is a song that will get you dancing like nobody's watching :)  

It's always a Mitzva to be happy.  

But when its Purim combined with a song called Bhappy from TYH Nation, you can sure its time to turn your frown upside down and get ready to fabreng!

ל״נ חנה ריבה בת ראובן משה
Chana Reva Bas Reuven Moshe a/k/a Alana (pronounced like “banana”) Reva Karp (“ARK”)

Those privileged to have known Alana knew true simchas hachaim. Alana would enter the room and the party would begin.  

If any of her friends were going through a tough time, Alana would be there and convert the atmosphere to one of emunah and simcha. She would have everyone laughing and smiling in moments.  

Although her time in this world was unfortunately shortened, she brightened our lives and left behind happy memories that will remain forever.

Alana epitomized “Emunah, ViSimcha, Viahavat Yisrael” and personified “mitzvah gedolah lihiyos bisimcha.”