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עם ישראל חי

TYH has launched the JUST DO MITZVOS campaign, encouraging all to specifically focus on Mitzvos Ma’asiyos-Action Mitzvos.

Special Mitzvah opportunities are listed here but you can also create your own opportunities to bring light and joy to the world, by looking for and performing Mitzvos with your body.

As part of the TYH JUST DO MITZVOS campaign, packages including full shabbos meals and toys for the children are being distributed to the families of those serving our people on the front lines.


Just Make the Call

Use this Erev Shabbos as a time to connect and show your love for Jews.

Call a grandparent, a great aunt or uncle, a friend going through a hard time, a lonely neighbor.

Let them know you care!

Mitzvah Corner

Boots on the ground in over 30 communities! Giving people the chance to Just Do Mitzvos.

Sponsor a Soldier

Say tehillim for a specific soldier serving on the front line.



Pen Your Support

Write letters to soldiers' families. Take a moment to thank them for the sacrifices they are making, and remind them we are connected as one people.

TYH Just Do Mitzvos Campaign in Detail

Mitzvah Corner

A table, some Kugel, and a street corner!

It's that easy to create Mitzvah opportunities.

Rays of Light

Stories sure to inspire you!

Spreading Light in Eretz Yisroel

TYH team on the ground bringing supplies, hugs, and of course simcha and chizzuk to both the front line soldiers as well as their families.

Our team is headed by Reb Judah Michel

Uplifting Music

"Songs of love, hope and prayer."


Dedicated to our troops in the Holy Land...

Write A Letter

Please daven for our holy brothers and sisters and take a moment to thank their special families and show your appreciation for them.

What People are Saying

Yaakov Mendel

"A burst of fresh air at a time desperately needed. Thank you TYH!" -- Instagram