Tut Altz
8th Day | Thank You Hashem

The Rebbe’s Words Inspired New Thank You Hashem Song

In honor of Lag Ba’Omer, TYH Nation has produced a new song inspiring listeners to do whatever they can to bring Moshiach. Vocals by 8th Day band, produced by Izzy Drihem and Mendy Portnoy, inspired by The Rebbe.

As Jews worldwide mark Lag Ba’Omer tonight, the inner dimension of the Torah is celebrated. Beginning with the Zohar, authored by Rashbi whose yahrzeit is tonight, the inner dimension of Torah is seen as a preparation for the coming of Moshiach.

Evoking the Rebbe’s message that Jews worldwide must do whatever they can to make this Geulah a reality, a new song has been released by TYH Nation, in collaboration with Tut Altz.

Unbeknownst to the organizers of the Tut Altz Mega-Farbrengen in Crown Heights last spring, the chevra of TYH Nation were at the event. Led by their Rebbeim, Harav Moshe Weinberger Shlita and Harav Yussie Zakutinsky Shlita, they made sure to travel from the 5-Towns to attend, an experience that inspired this song’s composition.

 As one talented composer in the team put it, “The farbrengen and the video of The Rebbe’s plea gave me a deep appreciation for how strong and important this message is for Yidden to internalize. I sat at my work desk and the song simply sprang from my soul.”

Launched by Merkos 302 three years ago on 28 Nissan, Tut Altz seeks to amplify the Rebbe’s empowering words on 28 Nissan 5751, thirty-three years ago. “I have done all that I can, the only thing I can do further is hand it over to each of you, ‘tut altz vos ir kent tzu arop brengin Moshiach’, to do everything YOU can to bring Moshiach.”

Having traveled to Tzfat at the beginning of their journey toward Chassidus, the TYH chevra fell in love with the residents’ mentality of seeing Hashem in everything and acknowledging His help in the first person. This resulted in starting what has become a global movement of acknowledging Hashem’s presence, named TYH Nation.

No strangers to composing music, the chevra had worked with Jewish artists including Avraham Fried, Yaakov Shwekey, and others, but soon became burnt out and stopped creating. But a renewed connection with the teachings of Chassidus changed all that. “Once we began learning Chassidus properly, suddenly we were able to compose again,” they explained.

“It was a real pleasure to work with this team,” says Rabbi Shmuly Marcus of the 8th Day band. “From lyrics to production, you can feel the sincerity to “tut altz” for Moshiach every person here has.”

 Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, founder of the Moshiach Office and Chairman of Merkos 302, encouraged the project. “In recent days, the global Jewish community has felt the need for Moshiach even more urgently. With the power of music, this can be channeled into positivity, with every Jew taking responsibility to make it happen,”

On the heels of the recent hit song Back of the Wagon of the Baal Shem Tov recently released by TYH, the chevra hopes that the new song “Tut Altz” will act as a rallying cry toward each individual taking action to bring Moshiach closer. The Rebbe’s message broadcast at a Farbrengen over a year ago will continue to spread like wildfire.

“People always ask by what metric we measure TYH Nation’s success, and the true answer is that the only success is when Moshiach arrives,” concluded the TYH team.

Tut Altz Lyrics:
I look out the window
Gaze at the stars
Hoping it will happen
He can't be too far

B’itoh achisheno
His time’s overdue
We’ve been waiting for a while
Now he’s waiting for you
He’s waiting for you, you, you.

 Tut altz, tut altz, tut altz vos ir kent
Tut altz, tut altz, tut altz vos ir kent
Tzu arop brengin Moshiach, teikef umiyad
Mamesh, mamesh!

 That mirror of a window
Reflecting back at you
The future’s begging
do all that you can do.

Dorach kochav m’yakov
Stars all point to you
We’ve been waiting for a while
Now he’s waiting for you
Now he’s waiting for you, you, you.

Tut altz, tut altz, tut altz vos ir kent
Tut altz, tut altz, tut altz vos ir kent
Tzu arop brengin Moshiach, teikef umiyad
Mamesh, mamesh!

Written by: Elimelech Blumstein
Vocals by: Shmuly and Bentzi Marcus, 8th Day band
Produced by: Izzy Drihem and Mendy Portnoy, Farbrengable Studios
In conjunction with Tut Altz at Merkos 302
Inspired by: the Rebbe