Tachlis What's My Avoida / Falling Off a Scooter

Tachlis, What's My Avoda?
with HaRav Yussie Zakutinsky Shlita
& Yakov  Wohlgelernter



Episode 1: What's the Avoda of Falling Off a Scooter?

Listen in as Reb Yussie explores how we are meant to think when bad things happen. Even if we can get over the first hurdle and we know that it happened from Hashem, now we have to process what does it mean for me? Is it a punishment? A message? What is it? The first of our free flowing conversations also got into superstition, and why it is a prohibition in the Torah. As the conversation progresses, Reb Yussie shares an incredible insight about one minute divrei chizzuk style ideas and explains two different approaches to connecting to ones Rebbi, The Tzaddik, a teacher, or a mentor.


HaRav Rabbi Yussie Zakutinsky Shlita is the Rav of Khal Mevakshei Hashem, in Lawrence NY and a major Mashpia on the lives of all who know him and learn from him. He always encourages his talmidim to recognize the deeper and hidden element of life. He teaches that all of our experiences are lessons in Avodas Hashem, and that even in the regular everyday moments, we have to constantly be asking what’s my avoda? What does HASHEM require from me? Listen in as Yakov Wohlgelernter and Reb Yussie explore various areas of life through this perspective. Each episode will examine different aspects of everyday life and help us uncover the meaning and beauty within them.

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