Tachlis What's My Avoida / Davening

Tachlis, What's My Avoda?
with HaRav Yussie Zakutinsky Shlita
& Yakov  Wohlgelernter


Episode 2: What's the Avoda of Davening?

Listen in as Reb Yussie explains deep insights on what we are meant to be doing when we daven. Davening is so central to what we do but often we can feel disconnected from the experience. Simply going through the motions can’t be what Hashem wants of us, so what are we meant to be thinking and how does my tefilla change anything? We also got a chance to discuss Chinuch in general and especially as it relates to prayer. We also got a chance to talk about how a father or mother can impart the importance of davening on their children and what to do about kids who struggle with it.

Exciting announcement! You can now submit questions or topics that you would like to be featured on a future episode of Tachlis! What’s my avoda? Email tachlis@tyhnation.com with your ideas.


HaRav Rabbi Yussie Zakutinsky Shlita is the Rav of Khal Mevakshei Hashem, in Lawrence NY and a major Mashpia on the lives of all who know him and learn from him. He always encourages his talmidim to recognize the deeper and hidden element of life. He teaches that all of our experiences are lessons in Avodas Hashem, and that even in the regular everyday moments, we have to constantly be asking what’s my avoda? What does HASHEM require from me? Listen in as Yakov Wohlgelernter and Reb Yussie explore various areas of life through this perspective. Each episode will examine different aspects of everyday life and help us uncover the meaning and beauty within them.



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