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Stories of Tzadikim / Drink a Bottle of Vinegar

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A gut voch everybody. They say a Maaseh from the Divrei Chaim, the Sanzer Rov. There was once a yid in one of the neighboring towns and he had a very bad ulcer. He was going from Doctor to Doctor to try to find a remedy and it kept on getting worse and painful. Someone told him, the Sanzer Rov is not too far away you should go get a bracha. This man wasn’t particularly a follower of the Divrei Chaim but he believed in tzadikim so he said okay fine It’s a good idea to try. 

So he goes, travels to the Divrei Chaim. The Rov asks what the problem is, he says he has a bad ulcer. The Divrei Chaim closes his eyes and he says I think it would be a good eitzah if you walk down the block to the supermarket and buy a bottle of vinegar. If you drink the bottle you’ll have a refuah sheleima. Vinegar is never good to drink straight, and certainly not if you have an ulcer but that’s what the Divrei Chaim said and that’s what he does. He goes to the store, buys a bottle of vinegar, drinks and he was miraculously healed. 

A couple of years later this person has a friend who also develops an ulcer, also tried going from Doctor to Doctor trying to get advice but nothing’s working. The friend tells him I have the perfect advice for you. Go to the store, buy a bottle of vinegar and drink it. You'll feel better, that's what happened to me. He goes to the store, gets a bottle of vinegar and drinks it and he’s platzing, mamash dying from it. 

Quickly they don’t know what to do so they rush him to the Divrei Chaim. He was pale and white almost on his deathbed and he asked what happened? The man answers that I have a bad ulcer and I drank a bottle of vinegar. The Divrei Chaim asked, What are you doing drinking vinegar when you have an ulcer? It's the worst thing you can do. The man begs, Rebne. Please help me, give me some advice, I'm dying. The Rebbe closes his eyes and he says you know what, go to the store, buy a bottle of vinegar and you’ll be healed. He goes, buys it and has a refuah sheleima. 

It’s not the vinegar that cures, it’s the emunas chachamim, it’s a blessing from the tzadikim. Sometimes they have to bring us to have faith in them, they make us do strange things sometimes. It’s not the vinegar, it’s the tzadik and following their advice. Hashem should bless us, we should be zocheh to always know what the truth is. To never attribute our success to the bottles of vinegar, always attribute our success to our Emunah, Bitachon, davening, mitzvos and tzadikim of our generation. We should be zocheh to have a blessed week, a lichtigeh voch, a kavodik voch, a voch filled with geulah, simcha and nachas ad bli dai. 


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