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Stories of Tzadikim / 27 The Rebbe Said it Would Be Yellow

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A gut voch everybody. I’ll tell you a maaseh, there was a yid in Russia going back some time. He had a daughter. This daughter at a young age developed some sort of issue with her eye, an infection or something. As a chossid, the first place this guy goes when his daughter isn’t feeling well is to the Rebbe. This guy was a chabad Chassid, and at the time the Rebbe Rashab was Rebbe.

The Rebbe was not only a huge tzadik but was also familiar with medicine and science.The chossid brings his daughter to the Rebbe, he looks at her and says i’ll give her a bracha for a refuah sheleima. I see what’s going on with the eye and go to this particular pharmacist, gives a name and address and tell them that he should prescribe for your daughter a particular type of cream, it’s a yellow one and he should prescribe it to your daughter.

The chossid takes the prescription, goes to the pharmacist and says that the Rebbe said to write a prescription for this cream, it’s a yellow one and my daughter should have a refuah. The pharmacist looks at the note, he knows what cream it is and goes to the drug store to get it.He finds it and hands it over and the chossid is on his way.

They apply the cream for a few days but nothing’s happening, it might even be getting a little worse. What’s going on? The chossid is such a chossid, he didn’t even question the Rebbe he just took the cream. He takes a look and he sees that it’s not yellow! The chossid goes back to the pharmacists and shows him, the Rebbe said it was going to be yellow cream. The pharmacist said that it’s true that very often this cream is yellow but sometimes it’s made without the pigment of yellow but it’s the same cream. It doesn’t make a difference.

The chossid said the Rebbe told me it has to be yellow, so make it yellow. So what should I do> Put food coloring in it? Yup. So that’s what he does, and the chossid is happy and thinks it’s going to work. He goes home, puts on the new cream and she was healed. It’s not the cream that heals her, it’s always the bracha of the Rebbe, of the tzadik. It’s always the ribbono shel olam doing things through the tzadikim and things of this world. Because it came out of the mouth of the tzadik that it’s going to be yellow cream, even if scientifically the color of medication is yellow, it doesn’t matter because what the tzadik said is what matters most.

Hashem should help us that we should have emunas chachamim and tzadikim like this chossid had. We should be zocheh to all the brachos and yeshuos that come through all the tzadikim. We should be zhocheh to have a good week, B’vias goel tzedek b’imheirah b’yamenu amen.



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