The Nissim Black Show

Join Nissim Black and his guests as they embark on a thought-provoking discussion about faith, culture, and personal growth. In partnership with TYH Nation, Season 1 of The Nissim Black Show includes fascinating guests like House of Lev, Aleeza Ben Shalom, Rabbi YY Jacobson, Uncle Moishy, and many more.

House of Lev

LaDerryl & Danielle Hart, AKA House of Lev, have become social media sensations. With over half a million views on YouTube, they’re going viral simply by giving an intimate look inside their marriage, family, & conversion to Orthodox Judaism. They talk to Nissim about struggles with Christianity, the conversion process, and finding G-d.

Aliza Ben Shalom

Aleeza Ben Shalom, AKA The Jewish Matchmaker, has become the talk of the Jewish world after her show “Jewish Matchmaking” premiered on Netflix to both popular & critical acclaim. In this world where most media portrays Orthodox Jews as out of touch and unrelatable, Aleeza has provided a warm & genuine portrayal of Orthodox Jews on the world’s biggest streaming platform. She talks to Nissim about making Aliyah during Covid and how to best support our children through the matchmaking process.

Nissim Black, the acclaimed artist and spiritual seeker, takes you beyond the surface, delving into the harmonious intersections of life's most important facets. Through insightful conversations, soul-stirring stories, and candid reflections, Nissim and his guests explore the art of connecting with G-d in an ever-evolving world.

In each episode, Nissim masterfully weaves together themes from throughout the guest’s life, while also sharing wisdom drawn from his own profound personal experiences. Together with a captivating array of thought leaders, creatives, and influencers, he navigates topics that touch the core of the human experience: identity, purpose, religion, and the interplay of all these ideas.

Nissim's soothing voice and authentic storytelling create an intimate atmosphere that feels like a heartfelt conversation with an old friend. Whether you're a fan of Nissim Black's music, curious about spirituality in the modern world, or simply seeking insights to enrich your own journey, this podcast is perfect for you. Tune in to The Nissim Black Show brought to you by Thank You Hashem Sundays at Noon Eastern Time, as Nissim struggles for a higher truth, one episode at a time.