Nishmas / 01 What is Nishmas

Charlene Aminoff


Hello everybody it's Charlene Aminoff here and I am so excited to recruit so many of you into the next round of Nishmat Kol Chai. What is Nishmat Kol Chai you ask?! It’s a wonderful amazing Tefila dedicated to praising Hashem in a very deep and meaningful way. Rebbetzvin Kaniefsky A’H, before she past away, she said that anyone who came to her for a bracha, whether it was for shidduchim, for parnassah, a refuah, for any type of Yeshua, she implored them and encouraged them to say Nishmat Kol Chai at least once a day. 

Now, we know that when a Tefila is said for 40 consecutive days, we amplify its powers. But why did Rebbetzin Kaniefsky particularly like this Tefila in order to bring about one’s Yeshua? Because Chazal tell us that when someones mazal is locked a certain way or in a certain gate leading up to Hashem, the one way that we can unlock that gate is by expressing very strong gratitude to Haskadosh Baruch Hu. In fact if you look at Hallel, we are taught that there are six times that we say Hodu L’Hashem and then there are four times that we say Ana Hashem. Chazal tell us that this 60, 40 breakdown of thanking Hashem for 60% and then requesting of Hashem 40% is the ideal way to go about receiving our Tefillot and receiving our brachot and receiving the yeshuot were asking for. 

So before we ask Hashem we must thank Him. Which is why Nishmat Kol Chai has become so popular. So many people around the globe are saying this daily. So many people in this ever growing Nishmat army of ours. We want you to join us. Every single person in the world is looking for some type of yeshua. Whether others know it or not, there's no person in the world that doesn’t have worries, doesn’t have nisyonot, doesn’t have challenges or stress. What we can do Is Beezrat Hashem to appeal to Hashem that we should have the Yeshua that we are davening for and we should have the bracha we need, we have to first express our gratitude to Hashem via Nishmat Kol Chai. 

It’s a very short yet powerful tefila, forty consecutive days. That’s all it takes to open up channels and gates up to Shamayim that seem like they have been locked for too long. Join me, join the Thank You Hashem fam, join the tens of thousands of people globally and say Nishmat Kol Chai every single today together with all of us. You guys can head over to the Thank You Hashem page or the Charlene Aminoff page to find out more about Nishmat Kol Chai. 

We will be starting our next round in a couple of days and we want you to know that this is an unbelievable way to get Hashem to say “Ok you deserve this special bracha that you have been asking so much for, now it's time to receive it” All it takes is to Thank Hashem via this Tefillah. Hashem should answer each and every one of our tefillot L’Tova. We should all be zoche to receive exactly what we need and exactly what we want. With sweetness and with Mercy. B’ruchniyut and B’gashmiyut, B’Olan Hazeh and B’Olam Haba. See you on the Nishmat train.