Featuring Rabbi Shlomo Katz


Rebbe Mordechai Yosef Leiner of Ishbitz zy”a writes that the greatest gap in the world is the eighteen- inch space between the brain and the heart. Today, in the age of information, we are blessed with more access to Torah content than ever before. But how much of what we learn is able to traverse that awesome chasm, filling our entire being with warmth, illumination, and a spirit of elevation? How often do we live by the words, “V’yadata hayom, v’hasheivosah el levavecha”?
Holy Introspection by TYH Nation offers a unique tool to help us bring Yiddishkeit in. Featuring a heavenly combination of music, Torah, and breathwork, these recordings bridge the gap between mind and heart in a wondrous way, helping us set our intention and become enveloped by the spirit of calm, the pleasant stream of “deracheha darchei noam”.
Join us on this contemplative journey and discover an island of stillness in the stormy seas of daily living. Let’s go in, together.

An Erev Shabbos Meditation