Grateful Warriors / Moshe Underweiser - Hashem chose ME!

Grateful Warriors
Hosted by Yossi Hecht


Episode 5 - Moshe Underweiser - "Hashem chose ME!"

“I'll never know why Hakadosh Baruch Who thought that I needed to be stricken with Stage 4 colon cancer, but I do know that that’s what He thought I needed to be a better person.” Welcome back to Episode5 of Grateful Warriors! Today, we spoke to the remarkable Moshe Underweiser, who in his own words, is FBC—frum by choice. Radiating exuberance from a moment into the episode. Moshe shares how his path to frumkeit—from his Woodmere upbringing to working at a frum law firm in the mid 2000s—-helped him get through one of the most frightening diagnoses a person can recieve… cancer. As Moshe says, “Cancer is my Goliath. Hakadosh Baruch Who has given me the ability not just to be a warrior, but a grateful warrior, and say thank you Hashem for choosing me!” Watch and be inspired!



Challenges. We can't run away from them, can't escape them, and they seem to follow us wherever we go. Sometimes, these challenges turn into something more. They leave us with questions. "Why was I given this challenge, Hashem?! I can't handle this!" They leave us emotionally drained. "If it weren't for [this challenge], I would be so much happier…!" Most of all, they leave us searching. For answers, for truth, and for something inside ourselves to draw inspiration from.

In this new series brought to you by TYH Nation, and hosted by Yossi Hecht, we're on a mission: to find the most remarkable people we can, and interview them to bring you their insights, share  their remarkable stories and learn from their simcha. Our hope is that you're inspired to live your most grateful life, and to see the beauty throughout "challenges". Yes, sometimes it's HARD! But you have the power within you. You're also a #GratefulWarrior, just by being here.

Welcome to the Grateful Warriors series, where we interview "Grateful Warriors" from around the world. This series is hosted by the one and only Yossi Hecht.

Who is Yossi? Yossi Hecht is extraordinary himself, spearheading the Asher to the Yatzar movement after what others would see as devastating challenges to his health. The Asher to the Yatzar movement picked up steam, and is now a viral phenomenon.

"It's the reaction of how we respond to challenges that make all the difference." — Y.H.



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