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Jeff Weinberg

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Work & Faith
Jeff Weinberg

"As I was working, and as I was trying my best, if I would not be successful in a deal… I would get upset. I would come home, take it with me…. And I heard my Rabbi speak: This isn't how we're supposed to act if we're Orthodox Jews!" Work. Life. Work-life. Work-life-family and work-life-family-balance. Not once is Hashem mentioned here. But of course He's in the picture! But do we let him into our day to day lives? Do we really, seriously, live with the belief that Hashem controls the world, down to every great success, to failed business deal? Is our perception of the world shaped from our narrow focus—our personal understanding of the "ways of the world," really, like most humans, or is it shaped by true Ahavas Hashem and Yiras Shomayim? In this week's episode, we explore one extraordinary man's quest to find out for himself. And later on—his insights illuminating the lives of countless others as well. Enjoy this special episode.

In this week's episode, we sit down and host one our most unusual guests on this platform. Ever since the inception of this series, we've been inundated with requests to talk to Jeff, a man who lives with the core values of Emunah at Work, and inspires others every day. Who is Jeff? Jeff is the author of Faith at Work, a book infused with spirituality in work, inspired by his own journey as a mortgage broker. But where does his story begin? Straight from a businessman and entrepreneur, Jeff's quest for truth and discovery, compiling the teachings of Torah giants such as Rav Moshe Weinberger, and lending his own insights and personal experiences, struck a chord around the hearts of Klal Yisroel, and resonates and inspires Yidden around the world. In today's episode, we get an inside look into Jeff's background, what spurred him on, as well as other topics, including the Rabbanim's understanding of the workplace (preview:
"When you read his divrei Torah, it's like he's at the office every day!") Powerful vignettes strike a chord with Jews everywhere. We hope you enjoy this powerful episode—and may it guide your future, too.

"A Jew's gloom should not go up and down with the stock market!" — Jeff Weinberg.

Faith at work by Jeff can be purchased at Mosaica Press https://mosaicapress.com/product/faith-at-work/




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Emunah is the core of our identity as a nation with 3,000+ years of putting our complete faith in One Above, but nowhere are its inherent challenges and apparent impediments more pertinent than in the realm of parnassah. The role of hishtadlus; coping with failure; the lucky and unlucky breaks; powering through those difficult periods––if you live with emunah, you will truly see emunah at work at your workplace.

In this conversation series, Laibel Schwartz and TYH Nation sits down with business leaders and prominent members of the community to hear how they apply emunah at work and the impact emunah has on their business and personal lives.

Join us on this journey of emunah and success.
Laibel Schwartz x TYH Nation

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