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Questions, questions, questions. Our generation seems to have so many questions. Yet some people, and especially parents, are afraid of questions, part of which because we're trained that way — to be afraid. But once upon a dor, there was a time for questions! They were asked in the right way and answered with clarity. But is there a reason WHY this generation has so many questions? Perhaps a better way to look at this is a restructuring of mindset. Because what are questions if not a neshamah yearning for something so tangible, and authentic? Questions have a clear call to action. They say: "We don't WANT to live a fake existence! Give me something REAL!"

In today's episode, we dive straight into the tough questions with Shlomo Friedman, CEO of Imperial Real Estate, a real estate brokerage that has overseen Lakewood's biggest residential developments of the past decades. One topic was Sales, and what started off with "questions," pivoted, and spun around again. Because: as a salesman, when do tactics become harmful? Shlomo takes us through the one factor that determines the ישרות of a sale, reveals how he "became close to Hashem through my business," and the Rav's surprising answer to a question that changed his life. Hint: the physical and spiritual worlds aren't so different, and our questions and searches that wind down alternative paths may just be two sides of the same coin, that have the same goal at heart. And while the beginning may capture your mind, the end will enthrall your heart, with a powerful message for business, life, for all ages, to fuel our everyday search and "reconnection" to Hashem.

Laibel's take:

It's not every day you get to spend time with someone who you feel comfortable diving deep with; but Shlomo Friedman is a special person, with a unique ability, passion, and perspective. Getting to the heart of what he does was meaningful for both of us. As the owner of Imperial Realty, Shlomo is responsible for the many changing faces of Lakewood, helping it develop into the thriving Jewish center we know it as today, and here, we dive into his journey, to see how his quest began with a question, the challenges that he faces, and what it takes to be authentic truly. We focus on business, life, and the series of challenges that so many of us as parents and children "clash" with throughout our lives.

This particular meeting with Shlomo changed my life. And if you take the time to digest it, it might just change yours, too




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Emunah is the core of our identity as a nation with 3,000+ years of putting our complete faith in One Above, but nowhere are its inherent challenges and apparent impediments more pertinent than in the realm of parnassah. The role of hishtadlus; coping with failure; the lucky and unlucky breaks; powering through those difficult periods––if you live with emunah, you will truly see emunah at work at your workplace.

In this conversation series, Laibel Schwartz and TYH Nation sits down with business leaders and prominent members of the community to hear how they apply emunah at work and the impact emunah has on their business and personal lives.

Join us on this journey of emunah and success.
Laibel Schwartz x TYH Nation

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