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Tzadikim / 16 What the Baal HaTanya learned by the Maggid

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With Rav Yussie Zakutinsky



A Gut Voch everybody. The Baal Hatanya the first Lubavitcher Rebbe was a talmid of the Maggid of Mezritch.The maaseh goes that it was during sukkos one year, on Chol Hamoed and the Baal Hatanya found himself traveling for a particular issue was traveling to a certain town. On his way he happened to stop off in a certain shtetel. In those days it wasn’t like his face was so well known like it would be today and he looks like a normal yid. 

So he goes to shul like everyone else and it happens to be a Friday, about to be Shabbos Chol Hamoed. He finishes, he doesn’t really know where he’s going to stay. The minyan in those days was that there was a corner where people who needed a place would stand and after davening people would come and invite them. So that’s what the Baal Hatanya did. 

Someone comes up to him and says Reb Yid, do you need a place to stay? So he brings the Baal hatanya home, they bring him into the sukkah and right away this host can tell that this guest is a very special person. The way he davened, the way he just held himself. Then something stranger takes place. They’re in the sukkah and all of a sudden they hear strong thunder, lightning in the entire sky. In a moment they heard the sound of an intense downpour. Despite the fact that it was pouring, there was thunder and lightning and their sukkah was completely dry. The Baal Hatanya wasn’t surprised by this, but the host was mamash shocked. He walks outside and he’s soaking in the rain. A step into the sukkah and he’s completely dry. 

He knows that it’s not because of him and it’s because of his guest. So what does he do? Nowadays he would take a selfie or something and post it online. He decides to run to tell the Rov, and what type of thing I have here and that he should come over and eat in my sukkah. So he runs over and he tells the Rov what’s going on, that he has this guest who must be a tzadik nistar and it’s not raining in my sukkah. The Rov says come on, it’s not possible. The hose says no I’m telling you, come and see. 

So the Rov says fine, if you’re telling me you didn’t lose your mind. So he puts on his coat and they head back and he sees no rain in the sukkah. The Rov has an eye for these things and can see that the guest is really a special yid. Yankel (the host) moves to the side and lets the Baal Hatanya and the Rov talk on the side. They’re talking in learning and the Rov is beyond shocked to have such a great person in his midst. In the middle of the conversation the Rov asked why he was traveling. The Baal Hatanya said I was doing something for my Rebbe. The Rov asks, do you have a Rebbe? You’re such an impressive and talented yid! You could be the Rebbe of all of us. The Baal Hatanya answers yes I have a rebbe, The Mezritcher Maggid. The Rov asks, you already know kol hatorah kula, you’re obviously a really big tzaddik. What can you possibly be learning from the Mezritcher Maggid that you don’t already know? The Baal Hatanya doesn’t answer. 

They continue schmoozing and in passing the Rov says that he has a daughter who’s looking for a shidduch. At that moment the Baal Hatanya notices a jew passing by outside the sukkah, and the Baal Hatanya says, nu how about that yid? Does he have a son? The Rov looks at him and he says he actually does have a son. This Rebbe also has ruach hakodesh. The Baal Hatanya asks, what about him for your daughter? The Rov answers that he doesn’t think it’s shayach. So why not? If you must know, I’m the Rov, and he’s a bagel salesman. He has a push-cart and he walks around selling bagels to the townspeople. It’s not a shidduch. The Rov’s daughter and bagel salesman’s son it’s not kavodik. The Baal Hatanya was taken aback by that. He said, you asked me what I learned from the Mezritcher Maggid. I can’t tell you what I learn from the Maggid. But I could tell you that I learned that I could never say such words about another jew. What I learned is what a yid is. That a yid is much greater than a bagel salesman. 

These words penetrate into the Rov’s heart. From that moment on he becomes a chassid of the Mezritcher MAggid, he makes a shidduch with that person. That’s the avodah we have to remember. You look at a yid, he’s a bagel salesman, he’s a rov, he’s this, he’s that. What the Baal Shem Tov revealed to the world is that a yid is much bigger than that. These are titles and things that we but a yid is much greater and deeper than all of that. Hahsem should bless us twitch those eyes and Emunah in Kedushas Yisroel. That emunah in the amazing and infinite power of a yid. 

We should have a mazaldik voch, a simchadik voch, a geulahdik voch bimheira biyamenu amen. 


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