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Aryeh Blumstein

Laibel Schwartz x TYH Nation


Emunah is the core of our identity as a nation with 3,000+ years of putting our complete faith in One Above, but nowhere are its inherent challenges and apparent impediments more pertinent than in the realm of parnassah. The role of hishtadlus; coping with failure; the lucky and unlucky breaks; powering through those difficult periods––if you live with emunah, you will truly see emunah at work at your workplace.

In this conversation series, Laibel Schwartz and TYH Nation sits down with business leaders and prominent members of the community to hear how they apply emunah at work and the impact emunah has on their business and personal lives.

Join us on this journey of emunah and success.
Laibel Schwartz x TYH Nation

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Laibel's Take on episode 1:

In this first episode, I approached the interview with equal parts excitement and trepidation. Any time you embark on a new endeavor, you rely on your emunah and raise your eyes heavenward saying “Thank You Hashem” for this opportunity. How much more so when you set out to be a vessel for spreading emunah among our community of businessyidden.

Speaking with Aryeh was eye-opening in that his emunah and connection to HKB”H shone through not only during those portions where we were discussing emunah, but even while conversing about the daily work grind. The lens through which he sees Hashem’s involvement in his work is inspiring and carries relevant lessons for all of us. Enjoy!


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Thank you Avraham Kohn and the entire Laibel Schwarz team for making this project happen!



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