Rabbi Heshy Blumstein

Rav to the Five Towns and the TYH movement

Halacha. Clarity. Support.

Rabbi Heshy Blumstein offers 25 years of scholarly, Torah-true insight to anyone willing to ask. A distinguished rabbinical leader and dynamic public personality, he brings both heart and halacha to serve his constituents.

Over the years, Rabbi Blumstein has had the honor of teaching Torah to Jews of all ages. He finds his greatest passion in exploring and understanding the depths of Torah, inviting inquiry into every corner. No question is off limits; it’s all part of knowing Hashem.

Rabbi Blumstein previously served as Rabbi of the Young Israel of Hewlett for 18 years. He also taught Judaic studies at the Hebrew Academy of the Five Towns for 15 years. He studied at the great Mirrer Yeshiva in Eretz Yisrael, receiving his semicha from Yeshivat ITRI.

Today, Rabbi Blumstein serves as the Rabbi of Yismach Moshe at The Premier, where he carries out his sacred duty of leading a diverse congregation of ages and backgrounds. He is also currently an instructor at Shulamith High School, and the director of the executive learning program for the Jewish Enrichment Center in NYC.

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